We are a private equity group actively seeking investment opportunities in Applied Sciences & TICC industries – Testing; Inspection; Certification and Compliance.

Generally speaking, the business will have a turnover of $2 – 20 million and may be solvent or distressed.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities.


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Our Mission

Bridging the gap between the realm of Finance and Deductive Expertise.

Our mission is to develop and support industry-leading teams whose purpose is to quantify and qualify the unknown into verifiable facts. 

In a fast-changing world full of information overload, varying and exacting standards, bias, and opinion we work to build businesses with a mission to cut through the noise; proving fact from fiction.

We balance risk within the 6 categories of leverage; financial, time, technology / systems, communications / marketing, network / relationships, and experience / knowledge to create an infinite minded group of companies able to not only function but prosper in a world of uncertainty. 

Specializing In


Acquiring and merging multiple companies in the same industry. Through consolidation creating growth by combing their resources, optimizing operational costs and increasing revenues to unlock the full potential of the businesses we acquire by empowering the people within.
Eventually, the time comes to exit for a myriad of reasons including retirement, personal circumstances, other opportunities or maybe things are just not working out as expected. When you reach that point, I can be a safe pair of hands you can trust to respect your work, staff, and concerns holistically.
SME entrepreneurs are the driving force behind our economy, innovation, and progress. We work alongside entrepreneurs to prepare, grow, and scale their company so we can achieve a premium valuation from a strategic buyer.
I work with debt-free mid-market companies to accelerate their business by way of a reverse merger into an already listed public company. Using a time and cost-efficient process, we gain access to capital markets, consolidated balance sheet strength and the stature to target larger clients while maintaining independence and control of operations.
About Us

Founding Partners that have united like values with a balancing of expertise.

As investors, we are passionate about supporting businesses through a personalized approach to unlocking their full potential by providing exit options, mergers, acquisitions, consultancy, and business recovery. 

Craig Keddie

A problem-solver eager to improve systems and processes Craig is a business architect and strategic thinker with a natural thirst for knowledge. He believes that nothing is impossible with enough effort, intellect, and thought.


Craig Keddie


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Our Personal and Business Values, Mission and Approach are built upon and guided by the application of wisdom from individuals such as:

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Knowledge Library

To help with all our of our business and personal development we have created and curated a library of content in order to take a deeper dive into what matters.

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For all enquiries contact us using the details below.

To learn more about the QQMA Group, our M&A process or to explore a possible partnership please get in touch. We are always interested to connect with Business Owners, Investors and those that support the business lifecycle.

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